Girl's Night In - Pole Dancing Parites Questions

Pole Party Questions

This list of pole party questions lets you know exactly what you're getting for your money and what to expect from the evening.

Is there a specific age requirement to book or attend a party?
Yes, all participants must be 18yrs of age of older.

How much does a pole party cost?
Flat fee of $300 for 10 people, or $35 per person with a minimum of 5 people.

What is included in the party fee?
The basics of course, are at least one pole and a skilled instructor, but Embody Physique and provide wine, goody bags or gift bags, a special gift for the birthday girl or bride-to-be, digital pictures etc..

Is there a deposit and if so, how much is it?
A deposit is required in order to reserve your party date. Often it's half of the anticipated party fee, but be sure to ask.

What is your refund policy if I have to cancel?
Typically Embody Physique has a "no refund" policy on the deposit; however deposits can be refunded if we are able to book another party on the date you had reserved. If another party is not booked to replace your date, you will receive a full or partial credit towards a future booking.

Is the party held in a studio or in my home?
If you want the convenience of having the party comes to you, then you might prefer a home party. An Embody Physique instructor will bring a portable pole to your home. On the other hand, if you don't want to deal with any clean up; a studio party might suit you best.

What do I wear to a pole party?
Active sports wear is accepted but, tank top and short, shorts are preferred allowing for easier pole grip.

*Ladies do not wear any kind of lotion, or oil on you arms and legs to the party, doing so is very dangerous and could result in serious injury

Can we bring food or alcohol to the party?
Food is not likely to be an issue, Embody Physique's studio has a reception area where the food can be served. Alcohol is prohibited at pole parties held at the Embody Physique studio. However events at your home may involve alcohol.

How long does the party last?
Each party is 2 hrs long, regardless of people attending, so the more people that attend, individuals will have less pole time
For example, if you have 15 in your group and are told the party will be about 2 hours long, you can bet you'll get less pole time than if there are 8 in your group and are told the party will be about 2 hours long.

Can we have men at the party?
While most pole dancing parties cater to women only, Embody Physique will do parties for mixed groups, Gay groups and/or allow the men to come in at the end of the party to watch the "show."

*If you are going to arrange to have the guys at the party, do make sure that all the women you invite are comfortable with this. In my experience, having just one man in the room changes the focus of the party entirely. Personally I do parties for women only for this reason, though of course what the women do with what they've learned after they leave is entirely up to them!

Embody Physique pole dancing parties are often held in your home, or our studio giving participants the opportunity to get acquainted beforehand. Pole parties provide an incredibly fun and supportive environment for physical activity necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, while having a great time. Whether you’re celebrating a bridal or baby shower, Embody Physique Pole parties will provide you with a party experience to remember!

Call to book your party today: (312) 846-0028 or email us at jen@embodyphysique

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